To my mechanic

I may not know your name, but I know your value.  The wear on your hands is proof of your impact. 

Each scar, mark and stain represents a time you kept my family safe.

You keep the police cars driving, fire engines running, tractors producing, race cars racing, air planes flying, trains roaring and ships sailing.  YOU KEEP THE WORLD MOVING.

- Thank you


Always find a mechanic you can trust!!!!

The smartest people I know are mechanics

Being an auto mechanic is being, an electrician, plumber, mechanic, fiber optic networking specialist, and computer IT specialist. You must be a pro of all of these on several different platforms, which change every couple years! Doctors only have two models that haven't changed. People say we are stupid! Nope some of the smartest people I know are automotive technicians!  - Danny Hardesty, Facebook

72 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Done Right

Here at M & R Customs we love vehicles just as much as you do. This 72 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme is a perfect example of how serious we are about quality!

We had Jasper Engines remanufacatured this original engine. He wanted a little more power and a good waranty. It runs like a dream. 

If you've always wanted a car like this one.......we can make it happen here at M & R Customs in Vero Beach Florida.  It's that easy!

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Makes you want to get in and take a ride doesn't it?

This engine is beautiful enough to put on display in the house.  It begs you to take the keys and go for a drive and we are proud to have it here at M & R Customs in Vero Beach.  What a pleasure it has been to put this chevy engine in my wifes Camaro! She loves the power it came with. 

Ready for us to work on yours?  We are!  Stop by the shop today for your classic Chevy engine overhaul and lets get it done!

New Paint Booth Ready!

Our new paint booth is up and running.  Another way we are stepping up our quality and customer service here at M&R Customs of Vero Beach.  We want only the best for our customers and this paint booth is just that.  Perfect conditions to get your paint jobs done with the best talent and the best technology. 

It has been a dream come true for the team and they have loved every minute of getting it put together.  Now they are itching to use it!

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Prostreet Vega at M&R Customs

Had the joy of working on this Prostreet Vega here at the M&R Customs shop.  It is never dull and every day is full of amazing vehicles.  Living a dream!

Bring me your dreams!

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