Fishing Pro Tips - High Falling Water

JASPER sponsored Chad Morgenthaler.  A tremendous amount of rain can result in extremely high water conditions in our lakes and rivers.  The situation of rising and falling waters can create unique fishing challenges for anglers.  The newly submerged foliage is a bait fish magnate, especially for crawdads.  Bait fish love the nutrients and the protection that it provides.  They will locate and live in these areas as long as the water stays high, which means the bass will follow.  Make sure to locate and target areas of submerged new growth and cover. 

When the water is high the shad will move into newly flooded areas and spawn around the newly submerged foliage.   This is the same foliage that the baitfish and crawdads are using, so during the shad spawn the concentration of bass will be even greater. 

I really like to target these areas with top water baits such as Pop-R , small buzz bait  or even a Hawg Caller spinner bait with double willow leaf blades in shad pattern.   The water will eventually start to recede and when it does the fish will move out of these areas.  When they start to move try to locate little drains, ditches and deeper spots within the same location.

These types of composition will offer several things.  It provides the bass a path back out of the area, and creates a situation where the fish have a little bit deeper water so they feel safer.  In some circumstances, depending upon the layout, it could also offer current.

At this point I usually back off and throw a light Carolina rig, or even a Texas rigged worm is a great choice.  In some instances I’ll even tie on deeper diving crank bait.  For more on Pro Tips and JASPER Engines Sponsored Chad Morgenthaler, visit his website at


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